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Donovan Neale May presentation for GIBS Business School Pretoria

Nov 7, 2013 - GIBS Business School Gordon Institute of Business Science, Pretoria
Donovan Neale-May, managing partner of The Sable Accelerator LLC (SABLE) draws comparisons between South Africa and South Korea. More »

Q&A With CMO Council's Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May

May 1, 2013 - Connect Daily
The May/June 2013 issue of Connect Daily features a Q&A with the CMO Council's own Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May. Read the full article to discover first-hand insights and best practices on how to get the most from people-produced content. More »


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CHIEF MARKETERS ELEVATE ROLE AND INFLUENCE IN THE C-SUITE SAN JOSE, Calif. (August 29, 2014)—A cover story and opinion editorial in the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s quarterly digital magazine, published today, indicates that marketers are making great headway in building rapport with C-level peers and adding... More »