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Using Intelligence to Better Understand, Influence and Activate the Customer Journey

From Mapping to Influencing.

Using Intelligence to Better Understand, Influence and Activate the Customer Journey
“When we start to talk about customer experience, do you all remember the game 'Risk'? Risk is called the game of strategic conquest. And for a long time, when we start to talk about Marketing and putting campaigns together and going out and blasting people with emails, marketing sometimes can feel like we’re playing a big game of Risk. That we’re actually talking about a conquest over a segment or a country of customers. But the problem is that today’s day and age, the battlefield that we are on, is extremely cluttered. There are messages that are popping up everywhere. And our consumers are making decisions on their own journey, mapping their own experiences and their own paths to where they are engaging with us and how they are purchasing- all of a sudden those conquests, risk takes on a whole new meaning.” More  »

The Next Step to Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Putting the Customer Into Context

The Next Step to Delivering Exceptional Experiences
“There’s a discrepancy between marketers making the all digital assumption until there’s a problem and the customer who’s telling us they’re not exclusively digital, in fact, it’s dependent on what they want to do and when they want to do it.”- Liz Miller More  »

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The challenges facing CMOs
Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director, CMO Council shares his thoughts on marketers as they increasingly control a bigger part of the technology budget. What are they spending it on and what is working?

Executive Briefing: Creating Marketing Leadership
The impact of rapidly evolving technology on marketing leadership is critical. In an interview with the C-Suite Network, Donovan Neale-May discusses how marketing leaders are keeping pace with the latest digital marketing trends.

GlobalFluency and SABLE host South African's Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor.

Puslidhed on Apr. 15 2015.
CMO Council's Liz Miller on research about how organizations are using analytics to improve how they engage with mobile customers.

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How to Streamline Marketing Localization in 7 Steps
Jan 10, 2019 - ClickZ

Localization is a crucial piece of a larger personalization effort. A study by GlobalFluency's CMO Council found that 63% of marketers are unsatisfied with their localization efforts, yet 75% are allocating less than 10% of their budgets toward improving those efforts. Such marketers recognize the importance of communicating appropriately across global markets but they continue to merely talk the talk.

U.S. Port Update Part 1: Infrastructure Shortfalls Driving Innovation
Jan 08, 2019 - Logistics Management

A new report by GlobalFluency's The BPI Network explores port and terminal plans for increased technology spending, and found that 90% of respondents intend to invest this year—with almost 60% indicating an increase of 6% or more.

Marketers Do Not "Listen" to Social Media Users
Jan 07, 209 - MarketingWeek

According to research from the GlobalFluency peer-powered network, the CMO Council, 78 percent of brand marketers said they've been negatively impacted by unintended assocaitions with objectionable content. With streaming music and podcasts on the rise in the past year, advertisers should take advantages of audio channels in crafting brand strategy.

CMO Council: European Marketers Fail To See Path Between Social Media, CX
Dec 18, 208 - AList Daily

"It is sobering to see that even in this age of omnichannel real-time engagement, so many organizations choose to view social as a free push tool and not a megaphone leveraged by customers who fully believe brands are already listening,” noted Liz Miller, CMO Council’s SVP of marketing.”

Collaboration Between CMOs and CFOs is Crucial
Dec 17, 2018 - Raconteur

The CMO Council is calling on industry to develop more financial impact analytics to prove once and for all the discipline’s contribution to a business in real money terms. “This will lead to greater precision, predictability and RoI. Most notably, we need to know how marketing contributes to revenue, margin, account profitability and deal value,” explains Donovan Neale-May, executive director at the CMO Council.

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