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Download Fortifying the CMO’s Position. How to Align and Combine in the C-Suite.

PR Firms: When And Who To Hire.

July 23, 2015 - LinkedIn Pulse. By Cheryl Vyfhuis
Donovan Neale May is an authentic leader with integrity who puts every effort into delivering excellence to all clients, large and small. To have Donovan Neale May, Dave Murray, his long-term business partner and executive vice president of Global Fluency, and other Global Fluency members on your company's PR team is to have a winning team. More »

Download Fortifying the CMO’s Position. How to Align and Combine in the C-Suite.

Global Fluency and SABLE Welcome Naledi Pandor: South African Minister of Science and Technology

Global Fluency and SABLE host South African's Minister of Science and Technology as well as many other South African Executive Expats in discussing technological advancements coming out of South Africa as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship within the country. The SABLE expat community shares the goals of the minister to build South African's economy through promotion and funding of innovative startups coming out of the country. Among startup case studies discussed was TWERLY, a renewable energy street lighting solution coming out of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Watch Video »

Donovan Neale May presentation for GIBS Business School Pretoria

Nov 7, 2013 - GIBS Business School Gordon Institute of Business Science, Pretoria
Donovan Neale-May, managing partner of The Sable Accelerator LLC (SABLE) draws comparisons between South Africa and South Korea. Watch Video »

Q&A With CMO Council's Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May

May 1, 2013 - Connect Daily
The May/June 2013 issue of Connect Daily features a Q&A with the CMO Council's own Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May. Read the full article to discover first-hand insights and best practices on how to get the most from people-produced content. More »


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